Web Agency from Lugano to Mendrisio: current events and perspectives of Digital Marketing in Ticino

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In Ticino there are currently around 40 digital marketing agencies, most of which are small or micro companies, mainly distributed between Lugano, Chiasso, Mendrisio and Bellinzona. The challenge of these web agencies is to provide innovative services that can meet the needs of companies in the Italian Canton, 95% of which are SMEs, and in many cases have a strong export vocation.

Digital Marketing in Ticino: the digital transformation is also taking place in our Canton

The pandemic of 2019 accelerated a process of digital transformation that had already begun in Ticino a few years ago, when the first web agencies started their business around 2014 in Lugano and Bellinzona first, then later in Chiasso and Mendrisio. 

At first the focus of web agencies was aimed at the development of websites, the creation and management of e-commerce or graphics. Then, with the growth in the importance of social networks and online presence, digital marketing agencies responded by offering new services, such as social media management or web marketing.

The “BAK Economics” institute, in a 2018 report, highlighted the need for companies in the Italian Canton, especially Mendrisiotto and Lower Ticino, to keep up with the digital transformation in order to continue to grow, taking advantage of the opportunities that it can offer, such as the development of new international markets and new business models. 

The services of a digital marketing agency for companies

The collaboration between the company requesting the services and the agency develops in macro-areas from communication on social media to customer experience, it will then be the task of the digital marketing agency to customise the strategy based on the customer’s needs in order to get the best possible result.

One of the challenges of an agency that offers marketing consultancy for companies is to create innovative strategies in such a way as to be able to make a difference on the market.

Marketing strategy

The marketing strategy is formed by a series of analyses and the development of action plans that a digital marketing agency thinks of, plans and implements, which will then form the core of the consultancy.  Marketing strategies include the choice of optimal sales channels, the analysis of the target customer, the market and competitors as well as the more creative part related to the creation of original content.

Ticino marketing agencies can also define the plan for the business development of Swiss companies abroad within the strategy. Internationalisation is a fundamental point for the economic growth of Ticino’s SMEs. From the data of the AST 2020 report, the trend linked to export is constantly growing, in particular the category of precision instruments, watches, jewellery, clothing and shoes.

Communication and graphics 

One of the most creative parts of the strategy is that relating to communication and graphics.
Unlike a graphic studio, a communication agency offers this service within a more articulated and complex plan which aims to represent the company’s image completely. 

An effective communication strategy therefore also includes the creation of graphics and the creation of corporate videos that most commonly fall within the content marketing activities or that series of creative ideas and projects that a digital marketing agency can carry out to attract new customers, and to involve or inform those that already exist. The content can be textual, visual or audio-based and with the right strategy it can go viral and be seen by both Swiss and international users. 

SEO and Competitive Positioning

SEO, the acronym for “Search Engine Optimization”, can be part of the marketing strategy proposed by the web agency and refers to the series of actions that the SEO specialist or digital marketing specialist can adopt to improve the Google positioning of the client company’s website. 

The goal of the SEO strategy is often to increase visits to the website through a search from the browser by users, including international ones, obtaining a better ranking than that of competitors. The positioning is influenced by a series of factors, both textual and visual, which generally must have the purpose of optimising the site.

In some cases, the customer can rely on specialised SEO agencies, such as some web agencies in Lugano and Chiasso, in other cases there are digital marketing agencies that also integrate this service into their strategy, such as Develed.

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Online and offline advertising

Advertising, whether online or offline, is closely linked to content marketing and marketing strategies.

In the digital world, advertising is often related to social advertising, a type of advertising that aims to increase the reach and visibility of posts on social networks or the conversion rate. Unlike offline advertising, which typically requires a higher budget, it is not limited to a city or neighbourhood but is open to the entire web.

An advertising agency in Lugano, for example, could similarly prepare billboards to be displayed along a busy street or create advertisements on a social media channel, such as Instagram. In the second case, the number of people who would have the opportunity to see the advertisement would certainly be higher.

The same could be said for any city in Ticino, from Mendrisio to Bellinzona or Locarno. What makes the difference is the online reach, which has very few borders.

Website development

Nowadays, a website is essential for a company to be found by customers, as well as being a fundamental part of the brand reputation. Often the presence of a company goes hand in hand with an online presence. To create a professional website, a company has several alternatives, it can rely on a freelancer who develops websites or a digital marketing agency. 


Develed Sagl, a hybrid and new generation Digital Marketing Agency

We at Develed SAGL are a digital marketing agency in Mendrisio. What distinguishes us from other web agencies in Switzerland and in particular in the Canton of Ticino is our innovative and hybrid approach in defining the action plan.

In addition to offering the traditional services of a web agency, our agency has a strong commercial and international vocation that allows us to offer customers innovative export management, foreign commercial development and business development services. 

Furthermore, all the content we produce can be made in different languages. 

How to choose the best web agency for your business

Choosing the most suitable web agency is often not an easy task. The supply of digital marketing agencies in Northern Italy and Switzerland is very high and it is not easy to navigate trying to figure out the best solution. If you are looking for a digital marketing agency in the Canton of Ticino, we would like to give you some suggestions, as a result of our experience. 

What is important to take into consideration when choosing is the difference in the services offered by the agencies, especially how they are offered and whether they are in line with the business goals.

For example, we at Develed offer a series of services that can allow an SME to rely on a single agency without having to search the market for a multitude of professionals to perform different services, online and offline.  Our experience and our professionalism have allowed us over the years to be able to develop a unique method, which allows us to help the customer completely.

In fact, we are a consulting company for the internationalisation of businesses and we strongly believe that foreign markets are an incredible opportunity for the SMEs of Ticino.

We also take care of creating the content necessary for the marketing plan, from the creation of videos to the creation of posts on all the main social networks.

Over the years we have implemented international marketing strategies for clients in various sectors, from engineering to the chemical or construction industry, reaching the goals that had been defined together with the client. 

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