Why work with Develed?

Concreteness, Vision and International Experience

We put ourselves in your shoes

Our business model and our operational approach are radically different from the classic communications agencies. Before being digital experts, we covered operational and management roles in various areas and manufacturing realities ranging from micro enterprises to multinational corporations.

Strong lateral thinking

We are often involved in innovative projects in multiple countries, on different industries. We have developed the ability to analyse each situation and design alternative proposals compared to consolidated schemes.

Digital Marketing

Communications and Digital Marketing Strategies

Commercial Development

Definition or Redesign of the National or International Sales Force

Growth Hacking

We generate growth with pre-established resources, identifying the best performing channels and methods

Export Management

Strategic Consulting and Implementation. Training

For over 10 years our team has been involved in international projects in several nations, working for local businesses or developing international companies presence.

Target countries for our communication campaigns
Years of experience in international sales
Countries in which we have created business
Activity sectors in which we have worked

We are committed to knowing our client's products and services in depth

Our experience confirms that knowing in depth the products we promote and sell on behalf of our customers is one of the key levers to make a difference in a hypercompetitive market.



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