Domestic and International Market Development

Develed’s team, thanks to the experience gained over the years, is able to support companies wishing to develop their market nationally and internationally.


In order to suggest to each company the most suitable solutions to grow its business we always start with strategic consulting.

Only by knowing each reality well and precisely understanding its organization at the time of business start-up can we, in fact, define the best plan for growth and development.

At Develed there are no pre-packaged proposals, but only customized projects that involve the adoption of a strategy tailored to each client in relation to his needs, the market and the starting point of the company itself.

Strategic consulting and training

As anticipated, the step to take before starting any Marketing project is to do a thorough analysis. At this stage we are able to make suggestions to those who come to us to optimize existing activities or to supplement them with others necessary to achieve the desired goals.


For example, if there is already a sales network in a country, perhaps centered on a single agent, we flank other agents, making it more widespread and efficient.


Training is also one of our flagships: we meet with the companies’ sales team and explain how they can improve their current procedures, integrating them with innovative digital tools.


We currently find great interest from companies in integrating the commercial aspect with the digital one: this is why we have invested in training figures with hybrid skills, with a solid background in sales and a deep knowledge of new digital tools.


Our approach is very practical and intuitive: we provide sales people with insights and materials to speed up the sales process and optimize it, using the most appropriate tools in relation to each specific case or need.


In our explanations we often make use of videos, which can then be used by the salespeople themselves to explain certain product details to buyers.

On-site presence is a peculiarity of Develed: we go on-site to learn more about the market and study in depth strategies to develop it.

Sales team consultancy and training
Export manager market development

Temporary export management

As temporary export managers, particularly in countries where the company has not yet expanded, it is our team members who go there firsthand to develop that specific market. After the initial development phase, we are also able to find agents on the ground who can best carry on what we have started.


We devote great effort and attention to each project, entering into the logic of the company and becoming part of it.


Every product for which we are asked to intervene becomes our product and we feel fully responsible for its promotion.


That is why we carefully study the product and the territory in which it is to be marketed, physically going there and meeting with key representatives of the industry itself.


Preliminary strategic analysis and study of each sector and its key exponents in each country are the pillars of our way of working and are the added value that enables us to ensure successful results for those who rely on us.


The search for distributors and representatives, after a work of contacts and exploration of the market, allows us to define or change, if already present, a possible activity in the foreign territory. This work is possible because we have a multilingual team that is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese in addition to Italian.

Change or integration of sales model from B2B to B2C

In addition to helping companies expand into new markets, we are also able to act on the target audience of the companies themselves, speaking not only to the distributor but also to the end consumer.


In this way we integrate the sales model by leveraging the end consumer and making him or her want to purchase a product that they will request from their distributor. The latter will then have a greater interest in procuring the product in question, given the attention shown by its customers in this regard, and then reselling it.

Establishment of foreign sales subsidiaries

We also support companies in establishing foreign branches, if it is more appropriate to opt for this route rather than rely on distributors.


Starting from a thorough knowledge of each sector and territory, we are able to identify the most suitable collaborators to carry on what we have started together. It should be kept in mind that not all markets are organized in the same way, so an initial phase of understanding business logic and evaluating the best strategy to achieve objectives is essential.


Our proximity to companies and their needs, given by our in-depth knowledge of the market and the company itself, and our attention to providing salespeople with all the training and tools they need to operate at their best in Italy and abroad, make us one of the most appreciated partners for all those companies that want to develop their domestic and international markets.


Ask us for an initial consultation and we will define the best strategy to make your company