The Develed team in advanced training on Digitalization Strategies – Cambridge University


Whoever hesitates, gest lost! Today it would be better saying: Whoever stops educating, gest lost!

The market and the socio-economic dynamics are changing and evolving at a speed never seen before. It is therefore essential to periodically update, as concepts and strategies adopted up until now may not no longer be valid in a short time, especially when it comes to digital.

For this reason, Develed regularly invests in refresh courses and seminars for its team, in order to improve the group’s skills as for the latest tools available and the most recent successful strategies.

Starting from September, our Digital Marketing Strategist will take part to an executive course on Digital Disruption and recent strategies on the Digital Transformation. The training is held by the Judge Business School of Cambridge University, a highly qualified educational institution, classified by the Financial Times among the very first in the world for executive training courses.

The topics explored in the different modules will be:

MODULE 1: Focused management of the digital change

MODULE 2: The company dilemma on digitization opportunities

MODULE 3: The change of competitive musts

MODULE 4: Competition strategy based on online platforms

MODULE 5: War on platforms, winning “by staying hidden”

MODULE 6: Ecosystem of the winning strategy

MODULE 7: Creation and application of innovative business models

Recent business cases will be analyzed during the course, and each participant will be able to develop, together with the tutor, an analysis and a strategy hypothesis.

As usual, Develed shares the new concepts learned with its customers, immediately applying them to generate value for the company and for its partners.

Stay tuned!


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