Brand ambassador network creation in Anglo-Saxon countries


NATION: Anglo-Saxon countries

Creation and management of Brand Ambassador network in English speaking countries




The aim of the project was the creation (from scratch) of a dynamic and proactive Brand Ambassadors network in English speaking countries. In this case as well, the product is a technical equipment dedicated to a very specific user niche.
We identified the most relevant communication channels and, in a second moment, we activated a “listening phase”, allowing us to monitor potential candidates, their behavior and their strategic relevance within the various networks.
Once the potential Brand Ambassadors were identified, we contacted them one by one, explaining the purposes of the collaboration and the specific terms (previously agreed with the client).
The last step was the actual network creation and the development of the “Family Feeling” which also occurred thanks to specific events and initiatives organized by us, in cooperation with the customer, in the brand ambassador nation.

What we have achieved together

Brand Ambassadors selected and coordinated in 4 countries
New distributors activated through the brand ambassador network
0 %
User Generated Content increase
0 +
Technical support managed directly by the Brand Ambassadors

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