The reason why business communications messages don’t generate the expected results

Find out how behavioural science applied to Marketing can invert this trend.

Every year companies loose billions of euros investing in the dissemination of messages that do not persuade customers to take the actions those same companies aimed at, for example accepting a meeting proposal, subscribing to a service, or buying a product.

This happens because customers take decisions (as we do) based on Behavioural Bias, which influence their decisions every day.

To make it simple, we can say that Bias are like “preconceptions” that help people to take decisions by using psychological shortcuts that allow our brain to save time and effort, and to avoid potentially dangerous changes.

A simple action like buying a new product or service is not as straight forward as it seems, since it is somehow a change and therefore brings further implications.

Knowing the main Bias that limit the effectiveness of companies’ marketing and business communication, allows them to optimise the message and increase the conversions through specific actions.

Compared to pure intuition or academic marketing theories, behavioural psychology is based on existing real-life experiments and scientific data, resulting from the observation of people’s actual behaviour without being previously influenced by additional messages.

Here is an example:

At the University of Ontario, Professor Iain Begg conducted just such an experiment, finding that it is 400% easier for humans to remember concrete words than abstract words. Begg concluded that sight is the most common sense: when you say ‘square door’ you imagine a door, whereas when you say ‘small mistake’ it is more difficult to imagine the message.

For this reason, when the most successful advertisers have to design new campaigns, they use concrete sentences. That is why the commercials you remember the least are those that refer to abstract words. 

This is just one of thousands of Biases that exist and on which we can base a commercial or institutional message.

Today, only multinational companies and the most dynamic and advanced SMEs from a communciations standpoint, use behavioural psychology as a competitive lever to optimise conversions and make a difference on the market. 

Develed supports its most dynamic and proactive clients by offering this service: behavioural psychology applied to marketing and sales. 

The fields of application are many, and here are just a few examples of the most recent projects we have been involved in, namely for the optimisation of:

  • product pages
  • e-commerce pages
  • advertising messages of online or offline campaigns
  • institutional releases
  • promotional videos
  • training of the sales force in the use of behavioural psychology

Find out how behavioural science applied to marketing and sales can give your company a huge competitive advantage.


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