Multilingual Digital Marketing

More and more companies are approaching the world of Digital Marketing and Develed’s team, composed of professionals with a long and proven experience in Marketing and business development, is a reliable partner able to accompany them on this path.


When you decide to invest in Digital Marketing, the first thing you need to start with is undoubtedly the definition of the strategy.


In fact, without a strategy, it will not be possible to best identify the target audience and the best channels to reach them.


Not all businesses need the same channels and tools to promote themselves. Only after a thorough examination of these aspects will it be possible to define a strategy tailored to each reality, taking advantage of all the resources that Digital Marketing offers, both organic and paid.

The right combination of organic and paid visibility for a successful project

Being present on the web today is crucial, but being present in the right way and on the right channels is even more so. That’s why it is very important, for example, to have an editorial plan that can tell the best story about your business, through targeted blog articles or content on Social Networks.

We at Develed take care of content creation for our clients by following every step of the process, from taking photos and videos to preparing and publishing posts to promoting them.

While offering valuable content is important, this is not enough to enable the company to reach its target audience.

Therefore, advertising campaigns that can amplify the message must be integrated into the marketing plan.

In fact, without the right boost, it is usually difficult to reach important numbers and to intercept one’s target audience in a targeted way.

The deep knowledge of the client and its target audience allowed us to create content that was able to strike the right chords, capturing the attention of the end consumer. This content, published on the most appropriate channels, received many interactions and went viral, gaining millions of views. In other cases, they enabled our clients to become number 1 globally in their industry in terms of number of followers on channels such as YouTube.

Strategies to increase visibility
Creating viral content

Virality cannot be planned at a desk, but undoubtedly in-depth knowledge of the target audience and its needs are essential in trying to produce viral content: when you formulate a good message, one that can really speak to users, the chances of reaching a large audience increase.


To maximize results, in any case, we flank paid campaigns with organic visibility. Indeed, campaigns allow us to get more targeted visibility for the company and thus also more interactions.


This also applies to the website and its content.


In addition to creating user-friendly and SEO-written content, we also invest in the organic visibility of the site itself, with onsite and offsite ranking activities. These activities can then be combined with campaigns on Google Ads.


The synergy between these two different types of visibility, mixed differently depending on the context and sector, allows us to make our clients achieve excellent results in terms of promoting their product and strengthening their brand awareness.

Moderation and crisis management

Crisis management

When reaching a wider audience one must also contemplate an increase in possible negative comments.


In these cases it is very important to respond in the right way. We accompany companies even at this stage, constantly monitoring social networks and managing critical situations.


Even a crisis, in fact, can become an opportunity, if handled correctly.


For example, in the face of a criticism it can be very useful to contextualize and dismantle the customer’s objections through a video visible to all, or to show him, again through a video, how to carry out a procedure correctly, if he is performing it in the wrong way.


Responding in a transparent way by explaining the situation allows not only to handle the issue in the best way, but even to turn a criticism into an opportunity, giving useful information to future users and making it clear that it is not the product that has problems but that these stem from its incorrect use.

Influencer management and Growth Hacking Marketing

To give visibility to the products of the companies with which we collaborate, we often also use the collaboration of influencers, whose catchment area varies depending on the needs and budget of the company.


Having defined the budget and objectives with the client, we identify the influencers best suited to promote a given product or service and determine whether the collaborations should be spot, tied to specific events or occasions, or whether they should be ongoing, making them de facto brand ambassadors.


Careful research allows us to identify the most suitable figures for each need.


From industry micro-influencers with a very loyal community who produce quality content that is highly valued by their niche to groups of influencers to influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers: depending on the strategy we are able to identify the most suitable figures to implement it.


We are also experts in Growth Hacking Marketing, a methodology that allows us to make companies achieve large margins of visibility while still making a low-cost investment.


We make use of it in particular to promote particular initiatives and make the company gain more visibility in contexts in which it is appearing for the first time.

Strategie influencer marketing
Digital marketing team training

Training and consulting support in Digital Marketing

We are always close to companies throughout the journey and follow the team, training them in the use of the tools we have integrated into the strategy.


We supervise them and are able to support them at every stage, even instructing them in the use of certain digital channels.


We also offer our support to companies that ask us to supervise the work of other agencies or other professionals, to provide them with technical advice on the performance of certain activities or to interact in the best way with their suppliers.


Having an excellent command of the subject matter and interfacing with colleagues for years, we are able to verify that all Digital Marketing activities are carried out correctly and in accordance with what is planned at the strategic level.

Even where we are not directly in charge of certain aspects, such as the development of e-commerce sites that require the use of specific CMSs, we supervise the workings and ensure that every e-commerce is carried out with an SEO perspective.


Choosing us will be like having an outsourced Marketing Department, having all the advantages of a team that knows the project very well and feels part of it and all the professionalism that only a structured agency can offer.


If you want to grow your company through Digital Marketing or you want to check that it is going in the right direction if you are already doing activities in this direction, ask us for a consultation and we will define the most suitable strategy in relation to your goals.

Company training