Growth Hacking Marketing: Techniques and tools to grow your business

Growth Hacking Marketing is the approach allowing you to quickly explore, design and validate different business models, choosing the most appropriate one in order to obtain:

·      Fast growth
·      New business opportunities
·      Identification of the best digital tools and channels
·      Investment optimization

Growth Hacking Marketing is fueled by creativity, cross-fertilization and knowledge of digital marketing tools and channels.

It generates business opportunities where they didn’t seem to exist.

In the digital revolution era, online marketing offers opportunities for direct communication with the companies target audience, which is the key to generating new contacts.

Growth Hacking Marketing allows you to apply new sales and marketing techniques, through unconventional methods. These new approaches will have to be validated and supported through practical implementation and measurement of results, in order to “hack” the best model for the company growth.

Combining Growth Hacking Marketing with digital tools is the key to accelerating the validation of rapid growth tactics, quickly identifying the best performing channels and allowing companies to reallocate investments accordingly.

The starting point in planning digital marketing activities will consist in the implementation of a series of actions on multiple platforms and digital channels, monitoring and measuring the results, based on each specific target, channel and audience. The implementation of these principles can begin with an A/B test phase, selecting a limited series of company products or services and, in the next phase, with the expansion to the complete portfolio.

The goal of Growth Hacking Marketing is to maximise the results each company can obtain from investment marketing, regardless of the amount of budget available.


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