Digital Internationalization: digital marketing tools to increase sales

Digital internationalisation is directly linked to digital marketing, which blends “classic” marketing with recent online tools, creating new and interesting opportunities for companies.

It is important companies begin to understand what their digital needs are and the goals they want to achieve, creating a work path that considers the company strategy and the most suitable digital approaches for generating objectives.

For companies that need to expand their business internationally, it is essential to seek to invest in international digital marketing activities, introducing different local languages campaigns, in order to generate leads.

Furthermore, digital internationalisation supports traditional commercial activities and consists of various tools, thanks to which it is possible to obtain measurable results in line with the pre-established strategic objectives, such as:

·      Social Media Marketing (SMM)
·      Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
·      Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Social Media Marketing (SMM) are those activities allowing companies to implement a complete digital marketing strategy and to extend real events and relationships on social media platforms.

From a brand point of view, SMM is a powerful tool for building and increasing the notoriety and value of the corporate brand, with exponential opportunities to spread positive word of mouth within its target.

By building a solid network of social media contacts, valuable two-way communication opportunities are generated.

At this stage, it is necessary to know the interlocutor in order to give the most appropriate answers to real needs.

Content marketing is another important part of the digital marketing strategy, consisting of editorial and creative multimedia content with the aim of generating high volumes of engagement.

Another tool available to companies is Digital PR, which has the task of giving visibility to products/services and taking care of the reputation of the company itself. Thanks to the implementation of this strategy, companies will be able to identify the best brand supporters and develop a long-lasting win/win relationship.

By mixing all these activities in a consistent and engaging way on social media, it is possible to generate effective leads for business growth.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) includes organic activities that help building the best search engine rankings, for specific topics, generating website traffic and bringing greater visibility to the brand.

When a topic search is performed on a search engine, the first organic results shown are those that, as indicated by the statistics, get the most clicks and views – and that’s where every company wants to rank.

SEO is one of the key elements to consider when designing a new website and it is also vital for the good ranking of existing sites.

The content optimization for search engine indexing should be included in the strategic digital marketing plan of each company, as a continuous activity, the results of which are as effective as they are constant.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & Pay-per-click (PPC) refer to various paid advertising techniques on search engines and third-party websites.

This is the moment in which a company shows the chosen advertising format (images, video or text) to its potential customers. When they are looking for products or services like those that the company itself offers!
This is can be achieved with SEM and PPC campaigns, offering immediate results and among the best web marketing tools to achieve conversion goals (lead generation, purchase and brand awareness).

Within the campaigns, various objectives can be set: reaching new prospects or getting those who have already interacted with a website or a product page through remarketing campaigns.

Regular monitoring and reporting are key to understanding campaign performance and investing in the businesses delivering the best ROI.

Digital internationalisation is a great opportunity for brands: through the construction of one or more marketing funnels, they can maximise conversions, such as of new customer registrations, product sales, requests for appointments or any other goal.


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