Formazione-aggiornamento della rete vendita sull’utilizzo delle leve digitali

Whether it’s a colorful new camera strap or a handy light meter you can easily attach to your smartphone, you don’t necessarily have to break the bank to gift something the photographer in your life will appreciate. Unsure of what would work as a great gift? Think about what would be helpful. With a little searching, it’s all possible.

Riposizionamento del brand sui mercati Canada & USA

Obiettivo del progetto è stato il riposizionamento del marchio e della percezione del prodotto sui mercati specifici di USA e Canada. Il prodotto in questione è un prodotto tecnico professionale dedicato ad una nicchia di utilizzatori molto specifica e ben definita. Abbiamo interagito con il cliente per la definizione delle User e Buyer Personas (Nord […]

Utilizzo leva B2C per espansione B2B – Artigianato alta gamma

Our deep commitment to excellence is revealed in all our services and the results our work achieves for our clients. We integrate industry expertise, superlative creative focus and a proven marketing strategy to create a dedicated, comprehensive approach to every project.

Formazione in marketing digitale per azienda B2C – Istruzione

The golden age of design has been heralded many times over the past couple of decades — four, by my count. Now, this previous momentum paired with technology, community and big business has fueled something new: an unprecedented belief in the power of design to not only elevate an idea, but be the idea.

Lead generation sui mercati UK ed Irlanda

There are many factors that affect the chances of creating a good website.First of all, before you even think about getting someone’s attention. it is essential to have a good hosting service, so that your website is always online. The other important thing is consistency with blogging and using appropriate content.